Natural Nail Boost Gel "Keratin" - clear - 10 ml - LCN

The latest version of the NNB gel with keratin provides the nail protection and care at the same time.

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The Natural Nail Boost Gel with Keratin protects and nourishes the natural nail plate. Through this protective shield, the nail plate can regenerate so that the nail can grow more and more evenly. Unevenness is balanced and the nail appears perfectly maintained.


Apply Natural Nail Boost Gel Keratin onto degreased and cleansed natural nails in a thin layer and cure in a light unit. Now clients can apply and remove nail polish any number of times.

This extremely thin, transparent layer is growing out with time and after approx. three weeks it can be refreshed during a manicure. Otherwise clients can just polish the transition line or chippings with the Natural Nail Boost Care Set and leave the remaining product to grow out. In order to “repair“ brittle and damaged nails it is recommended to apply Natural Nail Boost Gel over several months.

Please note: Natural Nail Boost Gel Keratin does not replace scuplting of a full set. Nails cannot be extended with this Permanent Gel Polish. Nails are being protected, nourished and only very lightly strengthened.

Natural Nail Boost Gel (NNBG) is a solvent-resistant permanent natural nail base coat that is designed to protect the natural nail and ensure that nails grow to be beautiful, strong and even.

Keratin is a base substance of nails. Keratin is a protein which provides nails with firmness and resilience. Keratin is one of the structural proteins because it is necessary for building a cell structure. Therefore nails with an impaired Keratin structure are brittle. This highly effective ingredient offers nails the base substance for healthy nail growth. Soft and brittle nails are being strengthened.

In many cases women (and men) suffer from brittle, soft and flaking nail plates. Also, natural nails can be severely stressed and weakened after wearing sculpted nails. NNBG functions like a protective shield, providing the perfect base for polish by smoothly filling grooves as well as irregularities in the nail surface.


Flexible & strong nails that appear more smooth, even & beautiful

√ The nail plate can regenerate itself during the application

 The extremely thin layer of the Natural Nail Boost Gel prevents polish from staining the natural nail - even dark colours

√ Nails appear clear, vibrant & glossy

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