Urea 10% Foot Foam - 125 ml

This care foam with 10% Urea is perfectly s uitable for dry and rough feet. This moisture providing formulation is fast absorbing and nourishes the skin intensively.

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  • Urea a nd Panthenol provide moisture and prevent dry skin
  • Formulation is fast absorbing without leaving an oily layer
  • Prevents cornification

Panthenol D

Panthenol has a moisture binding, anti inflammatory, regenerating and would healing effect. In ad dition p anthenol strengthens the barrier function of the skin and improves its elasticity . Cell renewal in wounds is promoted which is why it is used for injuries or sunburn.


Urea supports the skin to bind water and to regulate the moisture balance . In addition, Urea improves the natural exfoliation process and therefore smooth the surface of dry skin. Urea is also supposed to have antimicrobial and skin soothing properties


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