Classic Competition White Gel - 4g

It is finally here! Blindingly white French white gel, like never before!

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Suitable for bending Yes
Also cures in LED Yes
Soak-off No
Viscosity Thick
Covering ability Excellent
Curing time (UV) 2 minutes


How to use them: 

They have a "jelly" texture and they need to be used very carefully during the hot summer

texture : like a jelly, these material do not flow away, so they are perfect during the summer heat, they can be used easily

 brush technique: use the tip of the brush, with this you can make an even surface. All of these Competition gels, because of their thick viscosity, should be used with "thread leading technique", you take a small amount of material and after you start to pulling the thread (top of the brush)

 very great about these gels ( except the white ): they can be used without  clear base layer and you can combine all of the classic or acrylgels. 

competition pink : it has a pink shade, but after curing it cures to clear so it is perfect for pink and white competition.

white : important  you need a base underneath it, it can be a base or cover. if you use the proper amount so than no clear layer needed on top of it, so it can be fine. Whiteness is perfect so for the competitions is the best one.


  • new, innovative pigmentation
  • blindingly white
  • ideal for competitions, too
  • thicker, but also easily formable
  • no clear top needed
  • anti-yellowing agent
  • fileable
  • combines with acrylics

UV: 2 min
LED: 1 min
CCFL: 80 sec


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