White ProArt PA01 - Makear

Unleash your artistic soul with ProArt MAKEAR!

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Gels for decorations that will turn a nail styling studio into an art gallery.

ProArt is stamping gels were created for all decoration enthusiasts as well as real artists, for whom manicure is a canvas to express themselves and their personality.

Through the unique formula, you can easily make thin ornaments, geometry, one  stroke, or  Zhostovo painting. They also work well when painting icons and landscapes.

Strong pigmentation and the right density of ProArt  is the key to successful styling.  A single stroke of the brush leaves a trace of perfect color saturation, without necessarily correcting it. The stamping  gels  combine with each other to create a unifom synthesis of colors. The gel for decorations does not melt and does not shrink, leaving time to refine each decoration.


Your imagination sets the limits! Free her from Proart  MAKEAR!


  •     Super pigmented,
  •     Without dispersion layer, does not require wiping with Cleaner,
  •     We recommend that you protect with a layer of top
  •     Note: due to its pigmentation, the product is not applicable to structural and 3d constructions,
  •     Marking: ProArt.

●      Lamp LED mine. 48W - 1min. Lamp UV 36W - 2min.

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