UV Painting Nail Art Gel - 28 - Ocher Yellow - 4g ( HEMA-free)

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UV curable Acrylic Paint? What?? Yes it is true!

This is our new line of UV Painting Nail Art Gels.

Easy and quick nail art on top of the nail ensuring as detailed and precise work as no other nail art paint or gel before.

Comparing with Acrylic Paint:

  • can paint incredibly thin lines which has been only possible with acrylic paints until now
  • perfect for all acrylic paint nail art techniques: one stroke, zhostovo
  • thanks to their fantastic covering capability these painting gels ensure more living colors while shading than the water based paints
  • BUT you do not need to matte the surface under the nail art as these painting gels perfectly stick on any glossy surface as well
  • there is no need to add water to reach the needed consistency
  • the UV Painting Gels do not dry in air so there is no need to refresh the paint on the brush time to time
  • they cure only in UV light ensuring unlimited time to finish your precise detailed works
  • cures without tacky layer so there is no need to clean neither need to cover with Glossy Gel (however if you want you can use glossy gel to cover as it will stick without any problems on the UV Painting Gel after cured)


Only apply on dry and clean, non oily surface! We can use on wiped glossy or even matte surfaces or on the top of non tacky Glossy Top Gel. Be careful not to touch the surface where you want to apply to preserve from oils. For covering the whole nail surface please use LeGrande Color Gels instead which cures in one layer without gel cleanser.


1) You can easily make 3D designs by applying more layers on each other. The more layers of UV Painting Gel stick on each other after curing without any problems (despite there is no tacky residue after curing). Use more layers and do not try to apply and cure the total height of the 3D design in one step.

2) You can easily reach new shades and tones by mixing the gels with each other!

UV: 2 minutes (min. 36 W)LED: 1 minute (min. 10 W)CCFL: 30 seconds (min. 24 W)

*The Red (no. 05) color needs more time to cure properly! (UV: 3 min, LED: 2 min, CCFL: 1,5 min)

(6) (1 anmeldelse)

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Utrolig pigmentert!

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(6) (1 anmeldelse)
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