Sensitive Cleanser - Hypoallergenic - 200ml

Sensitive Cleanser - Hypoallergenic is a proven hypoallergenic fixative, certified by an accredited international laboratory test!*

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Sensitive Cleanser is the ideal choice for any professional nail salon looking to remove a layer of sticky gel and achieve a glossy finish. This colourless and odourless liquid has been specially formulated for use with the Fill&Form range, guaranteeing excellent adhesion and a brilliant shine to the nail material. Thanks to its perfect formulation, it ensures safe and effective use in every application.

*The hypoallergenic test involves testing the product for 48-72 hours on a minimum of 40 people who have previously shown allergic symptoms. The test volunteers are all people suffering from atopic dermatitis, other contact dermatitis (contact dermatitis, contact eczema) or hypersensitivity to other cosmetics, household and cleaning products, skin irritation only!

During the test, 0 (zero!) cases of irritation, sensitisation or allergic reactions were recorded, and as a result the product has been awarded the official hypoallergenic classification, which means that it can be used legally and correctly. 

You can see the test results here!


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