Yes, you have found it! This is the armrest you have been looking for and it´s also Celina Rydén´s top must-have products at the salon!

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If you buy an Armrest, please choose delivery option: Pakke til hentested ! The armrest is big, cannot fit in the postkasse!

Unlike the usual size of manicure pillows, this Celina Rydén signature arm rest is ergonomically designed to make it easier both for you as a nail designer and for your customers. Because of the hight of this pillow, which is higher than normal, you don´t have to bend down over the nails to be able to see properly, which puts less strain on the back and neck. It is also very comfortable for the customer as it provides proper support which makes it easier to relax in both arms and hands.

PRO TIP: Rotate the arm rest 90 degrees so that the client can rest the entire arm on the pillow when creating nail art to get even better control of the hand.

The pillow measures 42 x 19 x 10, is available in black and white and is covered with vegan leather.

(6) (1 anmeldelse)



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