Moonflair Crystals is here to offer high-quality glass crystals with an outstanding brilliance and sparkle to everyone. Made for crystal lovers by crystal professionals.

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Moonflair Crystals Start Kit - Crystal

Here you have everything you need to get started on your exciting crystal journey.

• Moonflair Crystals Multi Pack - Crystal
- 1440 high-quality glass crystals in a perfect mix of sixes ss4/6/8/10 (288 pcs each), ss12 (200 pcs) and ss16 (88 pcs).
- Lead halt is less than 90 ppm.

• Crystal Place Mat
- Use this mat for the ultimate control when handling your crystals. No more crystals jumping and flying across the table and to flip them over, just use your pinky nail or yourbpick-up tool and run it across the crystals.

• Crystal Pick-Up Tool
- Use this pick-up tool to easily pick up, apply and move your crystals around for the perfect placement.
- Make sure to use the pointed end of the tool to move the crystals and avoid getting nail products on the wax tip.

• Crystal Tray
- The perfect tray to keep next to you when working with your crystals.
- Pointed ends to make it easy to pour the crystals back into the original container when done.

In this kit you have a large size variety of our crystal cut called "Zodiac". Just as the astronomy Zodiac is divided into twelve sections, this cut is divided into twelve sparkling facets.

Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming inovations like new colors, shape boxes, our micro crystals "Moon Dust", mix bags "Moon Mixes" and more advanced cuts like our "Eclipse Cut" for extra superior sparkle!

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En drøss med nydelig stener og alt tilbehør som er nødvendig. Genial pakke!

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, 07.03.2022

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