Quick Ombre Spray - 01 - white

Due to its huge interest, we are already out of stock but we ordered them and the next amount of white spray bottles are on the way so its possible to preorder them ! After when the products will arrive to Oslo, same day we will send it to you by Post.

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If you're a lover of ombre patterns, you'll love Quick Ombre Spray. The spray bottle is a patent-pending solution that's great for spraying fine-grained powders. Its special design makes it extremely easy to apply the powder to achieve the ombre effect in seconds. The bottle contains 5g of porcelain powder. Choose your favourite colour and spray it on the nails from a distance of 6-8 cm. Continue building the nails in the usual order! Perfect choice if you want to create amazing nails easily.



1. Apply a gel polish color and cure it.

2. Apply non wipe top gel and spray it to the wet top the powder and after cure it.

3. If you want more layer than apply again non wipe top and after use the spray again.

After the process you can easily remove the rest powder from the skin with a dust brush.


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