Dual System Forms – working with Gelastic can be even easier with the use of this transparent Dual System Form, i.e. transparent tips. If you prefer to work on forms instead of working on templates, our forms are perfect for you.

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They create the ideal shape, while transparency makes it easy for the light from the lamp to penetrate through – the nail design is cured faster, both from the top and bottom.


The package contains 120 forms.

Application tips 
  1. Wash and disinfect your and your customer's hands
  2. Put on gloves
  3. Assess the condition of the customer's hands and nails to make sure that there are no contraindications for the treatment
  4. Move the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher or wooden stick
  5. Work on the cuticles using e-file bits, e.g. no. 9, 1
  6. Use a 180 grit file to shorten the nails as much as possible and file them round
  7. Use a 180 grit file to thoroughly matt the surface of the nail plate
  8. Use a soft brush to remove any excess dust from the nail
  9. Thoroughly dehydrate the nail plate with a dust-free cotton swab soaked in purple Indigo Cleaner
  10. Apply acid-free primer (most often we use acid-free primer, only if we eliminate all other causes of air pockets, we can reach for acid primer)
  11. Apply the matched form
  12. Apply thinly the PrimoUltimo on the nail, then add a bit of the product to the form, shape the nail frame and cure in the Multiled lamp for 60 seconds.
  13. Carefully remove the form from the frame and remove it completely by a pulling it down.
  14. Squeeze the gelastic tube and use a spatula to place it on the nail, then with a brush moistened with Control Liquid, first spread it gently at the cuticles, and then stretch it all over, remembering to shape it according to the correct structure of the extended nail.
  15. Cure in the lamp for 30-90 seconds (depending on the Gelastic shade - Cover the longest)
  16. Remove the dispersion layer thoroughly with a dust-free cotton swab soaked in the Wipe Off Cleaner
  17. Use a 180 grit file to give it a shape
  18. Remove the excess dust with a soft brush
  19. Wipe the surface again with Wipe Off Cleaner * optional, apply 2 coats of colour and cure each in a lamp
  20. Apply PrimoUltimo over the entire surface and cure in a 30sec lamp 21. Wait for the top coat to cool down
  21. Thoroughly wipe the dispersion with a dust-free cotton pad moistened with Cleaner Super Shine

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