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Summer Trend: "Hippie Chic" Embody the spirit of Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza and Coachella with the new Hippie Chic collection. A carefree yet always fashionable style!

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- 718 Outfit of the Day: luscious pomegranate juice (creme)

- 719 Festival Girl: bright red raspberry (creme)

- 720 Sunglow: glitter polish with gold/bronze tones (glitter)

- 721 Love & Live: rose gold (matte shimmer)

- 722 Feel the Beat: rich reddish brown (creme)

- 723 Freedom: deep rich cherry (creme)

Key Features:

  • Animal friendly
  • Easy application similar to nail polish
  • Scratch resistant
  • Safe and biocompatible
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long-lasting up to 3 weeks

Trend colors available in retail friendly 8ml nail polish only. Also available in our new Recolution Advanced Gel Polish, 10ml and our award-winning Color Gel, 5ml.

LCN Recolution has a short drying time in the curing device. The colour is immediately smear-proof and resilient after it has cured. The elastic, scratch-proof and extremely durable surface is particularly interesting when the nails are subjected to a lot of stress in everyday life.


LCN Recolution can be used in many different ways, as soak-off modellage system or a modern colour covering system for the natural nail.

First the natural nail is degreased with Nail Prep, an alcoholic solution. Afterwards the nail is buffered slightly, and a very thin layer of LCN Recolution Bond is applied and cured. For a nice French look LCN French Gel natural white or extra white are used to draw the Smile Line and cured. Now the modellage is done with LCN Recolution Clear and cured. Or a thin layer of the selected LCN Recolution UV Colour Gel is applied and cured. This process should be repeated. As a finish a layer of LCN Recolution Sealer is applied. After it has cured the surface is wiped with a cellulose pad and Super Shine Finish Cleaner.

If the modellage or the colour is to be removed, a cellulose pad must be soaked with LCN Loosener and placed on the nail. After approx. 10 minutes the layer can be removed piece by piece with a firm cuticle pusher.  

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