Cupcake Brush- Pastel Pink

A dust brush with soft bristles enables to clean hands and nails from the nail dust generated during work. Don’t let monotonous hit your salon. Choose a professional product and an original design! This is what Cupcake Brush – Pastel Pink is like, looking

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  • Enables to clean hands and nails of nail dust generated during work.
  • Provides a comfortable silicone handle that makes it easy to use.
  • Impresses with its original design resembling a pink, sweet cupcake.
  • Available in three colours: pink, mint and sky blue.
  • The bristles are detachable from the silicone handle, so you can freely combine the handles with the bristles and create your colour compositions.
  • In case of dirt (e.g. with gel polish), wash the Cupcake Brush using Wipe Off Cleaner. The product is safe for brush coating and maintains its properties.

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